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Whether you are suing or being sued, you should never have to deal with a lawsuit alone. You deserve a personal attorney who will be there with you from start to finish. Dennis R. Spirgen is an accident lawyer in Cleveland who is ready to review your case and make recommendations on how best to proceed toward a fair settlement. Insurance companies want to make the best deal for their client, so you may need an attorney in your corner. It just takes a simple phone call or email to get the process started with an insurance lawyer in Cleveland. When you choose Dennis R. Spirgen as your attorney, every aspect of your case will be handled by a lawyer with over thirty years of courtroom experience. No paralegals, no unlicensed “case managers.” As a Cleveland personal injury lawyer, Dennis R. Spirgen believes that your case deserves to be handled as if it were the most important case in the world, because to you, it is. 
"Other attorneys told me I had no case . . . but Dennis won." 

"When my father was killed in a truck crash, other attorneys told me I had no case, because it looked like the accident was his fault. Dennis was able to show that the accident was caused by a defect in the other driver's car. He won a case other attorneys would not even take." - Jose Pompa, Miami 

“Dennis is an excellent defense attorney who I worked with on many cases. He is detail oriented, creative, and has a broad range of experience. If I personally was ever in need of a defense attorney, he would be my first choice.” – Todd Broome , insurance claims analyst for a Fortune 100 corporation
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