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Whether you are pursuing a claim as a plaintiff or defending yourself in a civil lawsuit, I can provide the professional representation you need. But there's more to practicing law than just going to court. I am committed to helping educate other lawyers and to informing the public about the law. 

Dennis R. Spirgen's Law Blog is in The News on 

There are now over 750 communities across the United States receiving local news and information from Dennis R. Spirgen's law blog is carried in Northeast Ohio on websites from Kent to Avon. The blog covers general information on the law, as well as current legal news you can use. If your local website does not carry the blog, contact your editor or check out the other sites, including Lakewood and Strongsville. 

In the September 9, 2013 blog post, I discuss the facts to consider when you need to hire an attorney to represent you in after an accident or injury.  It's not about finding a "super lawyer."  It's about finding the lawyer that's right for you.  Check out the Spirgen Practical Law Blog to learn "Ten Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer."

CLICK HERE to read the latest Spirgen Law Blog posts on legal information and news you can use. 

Dennis R. Spirgen Trains Other Lawyers on How to Deal With Insurance Company Bad Faith 

There is nothing more frustrating than dealing with an insurance company that refuses to process a claim in good faith. Dennis R. Spirgen recently traveled to Toledo to present a seminar on how attorneys can deal with insurance companies that mishandle claims. The seminar, entitled "Bad Faith 101," was sponsored by the National Business Institute and was certified by the Ohio Supreme Court as a continuing legal education course for attorneys. 

Negotiating a Settlement Saves a Lorain Couple Thousands in Legal Fees 

When an uninsured Lorain couple was sued recently, they came to the Law Office of Dennis R. Spirgen for help. After reviewing the facts, it looked like there was a possibility that they could win the case, but there was also a chance that they could lose and lose big. At the first court hearing, Dennis R. Spirgen worked out the basis for an agreement that resulted in the couple settling the case for thousands of dollars less than they would have paid in legal fees to defend the case, even if they had won. At the Law Office of Dennis R. Spirgen, our goal is to not to get the largest fee out of your case; it's to get the best result for you, the client.
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